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Now update bookmark August 17, 2006

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The blog has moved, get with the program! Email me if you want the new URL. If you don’t have my e-mail, you probably don’t read this blog.

But in purple, he’s stunning August 13, 2006

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Note the small but well-defined “wings” of hair behind the ears.

My roommate, to his consternation, is gradually turning into a Centauri.

We spend the other five seconds thinking about comics August 10, 2006

Posted by pangcreature in Best Things Ever™, Feminism, Geekery, Ranty.

So there’s this ongoing thread on the atheist forum I admin. It’s about the stereotypical demeaning representations of men in the media. I’m staying way the hell out of it, for my sanity.

Too often this is framed as a kind of backlash, feminism gone too far – that is, it’s okay to bash men but not women. First of all, it should be clear to anyone that misogyny’s not dead – just search the feminist blogosphere for posts on this week’s Jerk Trifecta of Joe Francis, Tucker Max, and Nirpal Dhaliwal. And it should be just as apparent that misogyny and misanthropy are two sides of the same d2 system coin. As I tried to explain to Jae while working this out, “You can end sexism against men by working to end sexism against women.” Both come from the same set of ideas about how men are and how women are – which itself is based on the idea that there is a way men are and women are.

Jae was reminded of what he called the most sexist commercial he’d ever seen, a JC Penney ad in which Mom’s away and the clueless dad can’t even manage to get his kids ready for school. Of course he found it insulting. I’m not even a guy and I find such things insulting.

And yet he has no problem with things like the equally stereotypical trope “Guys think about sex every six seconds”. As if all guys do. As if all women don’t. So the cliché that stereotypes you as an idiot is right out, but the cliché that stereotypes you as naturally, irrepressibly virile is fine.

Sometimes it’s frustrating trying to have a feminist conversation.

P. S. On the brighter side, I’ve found some Best Things Ever™: the Livejournal community canon_sues, which takes on (possible) literary Mary Sues like Lúthien, Esmeralda, The Diamond Age‘s Nell, Cerberus, Bastian, and Menolly. Also, the webcomic xkcd, sometimes sappily romantic, most other times painfully geeky, always totally awesome. Right now I am laughing at it and the dog is waking up and looking at me oddly.

P. P. S. God, I’m tired. This is probably going to be one of those rants I spend more time apologizing for than making. Yup. All it needs is a little picture about chivalry.

Going home August 9, 2006

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Blogging from my mother’s new place in Milton. She’s taking me back to Forest tomorrow to go to the bank/dentist’s/optometrist’s. I can’t wait to get back to my bakery and give them some cookies and a loaf of bread (Sweet Persian with Mahleb) from current bakery and then buy up every single cinnamon fry.

God, it’s been so long since I had a real homemade doughnut. That Tim Hortons stuff isn’t edible.

My puppy is quietly sleeping by my feet. She’s a little greyer than when I last saw her, but still the same old Sammi. She gets nervous and panicky sometimes, especially in a new place, so my mother had a barred gate installed in the basement to keep her from running out. She thought it was okay since you opened the gate by pushing from the other side. Crafty puppy figured out how to pull it open from the inside, and escaped. She’s a regular Houdini. Houndini?

Now must rant…

I’ve got a cruuuuuuuuuuush August 7, 2006

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Two episodes in, and I’m already creating fan art.

I’ve got it bad.

Friday Random Ten August 4, 2006

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What the hell, why not. The “I Survived the Heatwave and All I Got Was This Stupid Playlist” edition.

1. “(Love Is Like A) Heatwave” – Martha & the Vandellas
2. “Dance Like a Monkey” – The New York Dolls (About creationism! I love it!)
3. “Deceptacon” – Le Tigre
4. “TKO” – Le Tigre
5. “Fortunate Son” – Creedence Clearwater Revival
6. “March of the Sinister Ducks” – The Sinister Ducks (That’s Alan frakkin’ Moore.)
7. “Star Money” – Tegan & Sara
8. “Looking for a Place to Happen” – the Tragically Hip (obligatory Hip)
9. “La Valse d’Amélie” – Yann Tiersen
10. “Sneaky A. M.” – Danielle Howle & the Tantrums

Some notes:

Les Yeux Noirs are at Ashkenaz again! ZOMG!! אייייייייייייי! Yeah, you should have seen me last night when I found out. Major Yiddish geekitude. I was so excited I was once again on the verge of making a Bovo-Buch comic. Any other klezmer fans want to go to that concert with me? No? No takers?

– I’m officially an empanaddict.

– Have to work tomorrow, by myself on a Saturday, blah.

– Now Facebook-stalking the people I networked, mingled, and sat around on some bar patio with at CFI’s HeathenCon.

– The CFI’s arch-nemesis organization, the Secular Student Alliance, wants to interview me ’cause I won their Best Website Award, if only because all the other applications mysteriously vanished while their server was having technical difficulties. Yeah…technical difficulties.

– Saw Alex K. and friends tonight, sushi and bubble tea and girl talk. Socializing, yay.

Now to sleep.

Bah! August 2, 2006

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I repeat: bah!


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